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Freedom from Anxiety Hypnotherapy
Experience a whole new quality of life with my modern hypnotherapy programs

Hypnotherapy to be Free of Anxiety on the Sunshine Coast

My Freedom from Anxiety Program will provide you with proven and effective hypnotherapy solutions, to help you feel relaxed, at ease and in control.


What does the Program include?

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety program consists of 3 one hour personalised modern hypnosis sessions.  These sessions are all tailored made to suit your individual circumstances and needs, they are practical, effective, and outcome focused. 

In addition to working with your unconscious mind to help you become free from anxiety, I will also teach you how to use the amazing power of self hypnosis to further help you re-enforce your successes and truly have what you need to become free of anxiety once and for all.

A bold claim I know...but with the power of hypnosis you can become free.


The Three Cornerstones of the Program.

1. There are specific regions in the brain that are responsible for you continually experiencing anxiety...the brain operates like a computer and just keeps running familiar and know patterns.  Research has now proven that Hypnosis is geniunely the best tool for changing those brain patterns and eliminating anxiety so you can become free.

2. Utilisation of powerful Modern Hypnosis and NLP processes to treat not only the symptoms, but most importantly, the cause of your anxiety.  It's like re-writing the past so you can have the future you want.

3. Self-hypnosis, so the positive and beneficial changes from each session will be supported and strengthened as they become part of your everyday life.  Repetition is a valuable and necessary part of any positive shift we make in life.


Using the above steps, I have helped many, many people suffering from phobia of birds, spiders, snakes and public speaking…panic attacks whilst on the treadmill at the gym…irrationally being fearful and avoiding people they know in the street…and excessively worrying about everyday general life events…to become free.


Your complete Hypnotherapy for Anxiety treatment program consists of:

  • Three one hour private hypnotherapy sessions

  • Self hypnosis technique

  • Strategies to handle life stresses and challenges

  • Total program fee - $390



I have been doing amazingly. As soon as I left my last session with you I went to the plaza and shopped happily with no issues!

Since then I have had no anxiety attacks and have been out by myself a lot and try and do it as much as I can!


I can't thank you enough and will happily recommend your services on.


Thank you Craig :)

Sami Allen.

Sunshine Coast


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