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Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking

  • One and Three Session Programs available

  • Continually re-enforce the positive changes with your very own support Mp3

  • Multiple Strategies to handle any cravings

Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking on the Sunshine Coast

* Today has marked 3 months of being a non smoker for me after getting treated by Craig.


I feel totally confident that I will never smoke again and after my 3 session program with Craig, I feel that I have never been a smoker.

I have recommended Craig to a few of my mates, one took the challenge and has also gone about 7 weeks without smoking.

Karl - Kuluin

The sobering reality is...Over 15,000 people in Australia will die this year alone, because of smoking related illnesses…that are TOTALLY preventable. 


But with my Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking you can become part of the growing trend of people quitting for good. 

In Australia this year over 61% of smokers will QUIT…and you can be part of this group?


You can feel confident knowing that my Quit Smoking Hypnosis covers all aspects of the smoking behavior, and has helped thousands of people over the past 10 years to quit the deadly habit with no weight gain, debilitating cravings or anger outbursts...just freedom to enjoy their renewed health and increased energy.

You don’t have to do it alone…Stacks the odds to your advantage.

Let me help you dramatically improve your health, finances, life expectancy, and over all well-being.  I have options available to help the more casual smoker, as well as the addicted 50 smokes a day smoker kick the habit.

In addition, clinical research studies demonstrate…hypnosis is the clear winner when it come to stopping!!


60% - single session hypnosis

24% - acupuncture

10% - nicotine replacement therapy

6% - willpower alone

Source: New Scientist,  October 1992, Vol 136.


Can you really afford not to stop?

The average pack a day smoker will spend over $7000 a year on cigarettes…this year!!  What could YOU do with an extra $7000.


Some of my clients have stopped smoking and put the money they used to spend on cigarettes into paying off their mortgage, overseas dream holidays, a brand new car, regular visits to see their grand kids. 


Quitting smoking not only saves your life, but it will give you a significantly more rewarding lifestyle.

Stop Smoking Programs and Fees.

Single session program includes: 1 x 60mins Hypnotherapy session, cravings buster technique and support Mp3 Hypnosis download...(this option is for the truly serious quit smoker, they have decided to stop, can't stand it anymore, hate the smell, taste, money they're wasting on it, etc and just need a little help) - Full Program Cost - $295

Three session program includes: 3 x 60mins Hypnotherapy sessions. 

The first two sessions are two days apart, and the third session is one week after the second.

With this option you also receive the cravings buster technique and supportive Mp3 Hypnosis download...(this option is for you if you still truly want to quit, but being totally honest with yourself you still enjoy smoking in any way.) - Full Program Cost - $450

You get Personalised and Professional Service


Hypnotherapy to stop smoking has been utilized as a successful, natural and easy way to quit for many years now.  And unlike the old large group format style sessions that used to be so common, my hypnotherapy quit smoking sessions are all professional one to one appointments.  This means that I can focus on helping you to be smoke free, I can adjust the session to meet your needs and requirements…because not everyone is the same, so for best results this has to be done.

Experience counts

I have been helping people Stop Smoking for over a decade now, and during this time I have continually refined my programs to ensure that all my clients receive the best treatments and help possible.

In addition to being a clinical hypnotherapist I am also a Hypnotherapy trainer and have personally trained, taught, and shown most of the hypnotherapists on the Sunshine Coast how to do what they’re doing.  But none have the experience and success that years of professional practice, teaching and service bring.

Ongoing support

 As part of all my quit smoking hypnosis programs you will receive my recorded Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy session to continually re-enforce the beneficial suggestions given during your appointment.

What do other people have to say about Craigs Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

* Results may vary from person to person

* Hi Craig,

It's been really good I haven't had a smoke since the session and don’t even want one.

Thank you for your help, it's definitely been a life changer.


Trent Crosby

* Hi Craig

All going well thank you. Not a single smoke or felt the desire for one. Actually I haven't even thought about the fact until now.  Thanks once again as i now feel smoke free.

Cheers Craig Monks

* Hi Craig

It has been 3 years now since I saw you to stop smoking, and never once did I have the feeling that I needed to have another cigarette! You have done an amazing job :)

Thanks so much!


* Thanks Craig, came to you to stop smoking. Been 2 1/2 weeks not even a problem, Thank you.

Paul - Sunshine Coast

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