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Hypnotherapy to Stop Drinking Alcohol

regain control, health and feel alive again

Hypnotherapy to Stop Drinking

My 'Give Up Drinking Program' is conducted over 4 consecutive weeks, and as part of the program you will get:

  1. 4 x 60mins Personalised Hypnotherapy sessions that have been designed and tailored specifically for your needs.

  2. Self hypnosis technique to help you regain control.

  3. No More Cravings technique to assist you if need.

  4. All this for only $520

Does the following sound familiar?

  • You find yourself settling into a bottle of wine or two each night after work.

  • Use beer or spirits to wash the daily stress away.

  • Need a few drinks each day to keep the stress and frustrations at bay or

  • Would never dream of going to a social event without alcohol


Then my Hypnotherapy Give Up Drinking Program can benefit you.

By integrating Modern Psychology, Modern Hypnosis and NLP techniques my programs have become so

effective in assisting people to be free, because they help you change your unconscious, automatic and habitual

behaviours driving the need and urge to Drink. 


I also take the time to listen to what is going on specifically with you, then together we formulate a plan and strategy to get you moving forward toward the outcome you want for yourself.


The Shocking Reality of it!


The number of people in Australia that will die this year due to alcohol related issues…is 4 times the national road tally. 

5,500 people will lose their life because of alcohol in our country.


Don’t take the chance of becoming one of those statistics.


By combining effective Mind Training principles, Practical Based Psychology and Modern Hypnosis I have assisted many people to change their drinking habits, and live their life free and in control.

Your life is your life...but what kind of life do you want to live?


Craig Jamison

Clinical Hypnotherapist

NLP Success Coach

Hynosis Trainer

NLP Trainer

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