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Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

The easy way to lose dieting, calorie counting or excessive exercise regimes.

  • 1 h
  • 595 Australian dollars
  • 57 Creekside Drive, Sippy Downs QLD, Australia

Service Description

Gaining weight is the result of living in a particular way over an extended period of time. No one ever woke up one morning with an extra 20kgs on their body, it happens slowly over time. To lose weight we need a way of living that is easy, fits into your existing life and has no deprivation or annoying requirements...otherwise we won't stick with it. This is my Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program. This proven weight loss program is 4 x 1hr sessions spaced over 4 weeks, with 2 hypnotic Mp3 recordings included to listen to in between appointments to continually re-enforce the positive changes. Each session I tailor specifically for you, and is not a generic 'cookie cutter' program where everyone gets the same treatment protocols. We all have different needs, histories, motivations, likes and dislikes that have to be taken into account. As such, my Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is a targeted program that will be designed to suit you specifically. Over the past 18 years I have assisted Yo-Yo dieters, people with thyroid issues, those that have lacked motivation to exercise, just LOVED food, emotional eaters, self sabotagers and those that just nothing had worked for, to lose weight and keep it off. So, why can I help people to achieve this when other diets, nutrition regimes, exercise programs and shake replacements have failed? Simple...none of the above have actually addressed the specific individuals needs physically, emotionally and psychologically. They typically only ever address the physical. Successful weight loss is more than just calories in/calories out. We all have a deeper relationship to food, and this relationship has to be taken into account for weight loss to be achieved and maintained...equally important is our inherent motivations of pain and pleasure. If something is annoying, frustrating, a hassel or a pain in the neck we eventually will just stop doing...the 'pain in the arse' factor will override our initial desires and we just settle for where we are. This doesn't have to be the way...there is a solution for you. I look forward to helping you achieve true weight loss!

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you need to cancel your appointment, please out of courtesy provide at least 12 hours notice so someone else can have the opportunity of taking your spot. This isn't always possible in the case of unforeseen illness or family issues I know, and in this instance please do so the morning of your scheduled appointment. Kind regards, Craig

Contact Details

  • 57 Creekside Drive, Sippy Downs QLD, Australia

    + 0407 038 074

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