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Hypnotherapy to improve your sports performance on the Sunshine Coast

  • Elevate you performance to where you want it to be:

  • 3 sessions of Mind Enhancing Hypnotherapy

  • Performance strategy to practice in between sessions

  • only $390




Anxiety affecting your sports

Burnt out

Can't find your zone anymore

Other competitors getting to you


All these factors can and do effect your performance and enjoyment levels when competing in the sport you love.

My three session program is a combination of NLP, Hypnosis and if necessary Coaching all targeted at helping you get back to your best.

The first session is all about finding out where you are and where you want to get to...then we're straight into action and making it happen.  Most people try and rationalise or train their way out of poor performance slumps, but sometimes this just isn't enough and can even lead to making the problem worse. 

Subsequent sessions we analyse progress made and then continue bringing together the emotional states, beliefs, removing the blocks and obstacles that have been preventing you from achieving your goal.

Hypnosis is the most beneficial approach because it allows us to work with your mind at a level where

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