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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Forget what you know about weight loss or hasn't worked, NOW it's time to do what does work!

Personal one to one sessions designed specifically for YOU to lose weight, look great and feel amazing.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss on The Sunshine Coast...

The full program

For weight loss to happen naturally and automatically a number of factors have to be addressed. The mind set of losing weight for many revolves around pain, discomfort, hard work, discipline and willpower. Whilst these are all good attributes to posses, and we all do have them to some extent, they aren’t enough. And in some case can actually work against us.

Therefore, this program does not focus solely on weight loss, but rather it includes the supporting and contributing factors that are required for your success to be a natural, automatic and common sense endeavour. Not a disciplined regime that you 'should do'.


To achieve this, I will help you…

1. Develop the mind-set of health, being energetic, feeling alive and looking great!

2. Remove any obstacles preventing you from living your healthy lifestyle and losing weight, i.e. Emotional eating, unproductive habits  or internal struggles and self sabotaging patterns.

3. Feel good about exercise, and creating an overall healthy lifestyle.

4. Pay attention to your body and listen to its infinite wisdom when choosing foods, snacks and meals that will support the ongoing accomplishment of your goal.

Complete Program Fees - $390


If you've tried the mainstream and familiar approaches to creating a healthy lifestyle and weight loss such as counting calories, weighing meals, meal replacing shakes, fad diets, miracle pills, boot camps and personal training sessions to get results, but your still not where you would like to be - this is because there is one element that has been neglected.


That element is your mind, and the role it plays in assisting...or not assisting as the case may to succeed.


To tip the scales back in your favour, I have developed an effective, practical and no-nonsense three-session program.


In order for weight to be lost and for it to stay off successfully over the long term, there are three governing factors that have to be accounted for within in any weight loss program:

1. A healthy relationship with food;

2. A healthy relationship to exercise;

3. A healthy relationship with yourself.


The establishment of this foundation provides a solid path upon which you can confidently move forward. This program has been developed and tested around these three pivotal relationships to ensure that your weight loss goal becomes your ongoing reality.








The Scientific Research:

As the Research emphatically demonstrates: "In a 9-week study of two weight management groups (one using hypnosis and one not using hypnosis), the hypnosis group continued to get results in the two-year follow-up, while the non-hypnosis group showed no further results"

(Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1985).

* I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know since coming to see you in January I have NOT had one bit of chocolate, I am amazed and proud at myself especially getting through Easter without eating any chocolate eggs.

I've cut down how much sugar I eat and am pleased to say I have lost 10kg and well on my way to my goal.

Kathy - Maroochydore

(*as we are all unique and individual, results may vary from person to person)

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