Depression No More

Hypnotherapy to Beat Depression on the Sunshine Coast

Your complete Hypnotherapy to Beat Depression treatment program consists of:

  • Four one hour private hypnotherapy sessions

  • Self hypnosis technique

  • Strategies to handle life stresses and challenges

  • Total program fee - $495


Put an end to helplessness and hopelessness in your life…and step into value and purpose with my four session hypnotherapy program.


Having lived with, and experienced Depression for many, many years, and to the point of looking for ways to end the torment permanently, I am acutely aware of just how debilitating, limiting and destructive for everyone it can be.


But there is a way to reach the light at the end of the tunnel and live a better life.


My program is not a naïve promise of resolution, but rather a measured and tried approach to successful management.  Even to this day, I still have my moments…but they don’t own me anymore, it’s not who I am anymore. 


I now live with choice, strategies and actually use them…because there is a point.  A point to me…A point to being!

With my beat depression program, you will enjoy reconnecting with your self worth again, boost self esteem, and feel lighter and more content within yourself.

The four sessions of the program are all unique and build onto the previous change work done.  No two programs are the same, as I must adjust each and every one so it is relevant for you specifically, and targeted at helping you achieve your outcome.

*Words can't express how thankful I am for providing me with the confidence, clarity and direction I needed to achieve things I was unable to.

I could not believe the dramatic effect hypnotherapy had on me and the incredible happiness was felt instantaneously, like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.

With the tools you have provided me with I now look to the future with bright eyes and strive to achieve the things in life I've always wanted to, but never thought possible.

Jasmine B

Sunshine Coast

(*results may vary from person to person)

Let me help you become for a friendly chat and have all your questions answered, or book your program and let's get started!