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Hypnotherapy to break the cycle of depression

Hypnotherapy can help you break the depressive cycle, lift you up, become free from the heaviness, the gloom, the negativity, the hopelessness, and helplessness and navigate your way out of the darkness and into the light.


How can hypnotherapy help you do this?

Because, unlike other talk-based therapies…hypnotherapy isn’t focused on dealing with the symptom…it focuses on the cause, dealing with it, then moving beyond it. 

Your conscious mind, and conscious approaches can’t deal with this…if they could you wouldn’t be reading this, and you’d already be free and living life how you want to.


Depression is essentially a stress-based response and is governed by our unconscious mind.  When our conscious mind becomes overwhelmed by life’s demands, some of us instead of becoming anxious about it, become depressed by it. 


Depression is our unconscious minds way of getting us to retreat, create space for ourselves in the short term whereby we can update our coping skills and capabilities before going back into life. 


Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to help us do just that, and can aid in us developing more ways to:

  • think more clearly

  • develop positive thinking and hopefulness

  • improve decision-making and impulse control

  • identify and address negative thought patterns and beliefs

  • reduce rumination

  • improve social interactions and coping skills

  • encourage a sense of empowerment

  • take meaningful action


Throughout my 16 years of clinical practice as a hypnotherapist I have assisted people to break the cycle of depression. 


Personally, I have had to deal with and overcome depression and the effects of it within my own life, I broke its cycle. 

So, I can speak from personal experience when I say…you can be free of it, you can be free of it for good. 


Keen to find out more?  Just give me a quick call (I believe others call it a ‘free’ 15 minute consultation) …I’d prefer to just have a normal chat with you, and we can see if what I offer and how I do things suits you or not. 

This is important, because I only want you to book in if you feel confident that my approach will make a positive difference in your life.

Hypnotherapy to break the cycle of depression:

  • Four one hour private hypnotherapy sessions

  • Self hypnosis technique

  • Strategies to handle life stresses and challenges

  • Total program fee - $520

*Words can't express how thankful I am for providing me with the confidence, clarity and direction I needed to achieve things I was unable to.

I could not believe the dramatic effect hypnotherapy had on me and the incredible happiness was felt instantaneously, like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.

With the tools you have provided me with I now look to the future with bright eyes and strive to achieve the things in life I've always wanted to, but never thought possible.

Jasmine B

Sunshine Coast

(*results may vary from person to person)

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