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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
on the Sunshine Coast

The Virtual Gastric Band 
4 week program


The simple and straight forward approach to Losing Weight

Whats included:

4 weekly hypnotherapy sessions

2 x Mp3 support downloads

8 page manual

Full program cost $525

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

My virtual gastric band hypnotherapy weight loss program helps to retrain your mind to become satisfied with much smaller amounts of food.  It helps you to change the way you think and feel about food leading to the weight loss you desire. 


The program is suitable for anyone wanting to lose weight…whether you have tried before in the past, or this is your first time, you can find success with my straightforward, reality-based approach to weight loss and better health.


My virtual gastric band hypnotherapy weight loss program provides the desired health benefits of weight loss surgery, but without the expensive medical costs, risks of an invasive operation and unappealing side effects of having an actual physical band inserted around your stomach. 


The program is completely safe, has no negative side effects, does not involve the use of drugs and is completely painless…in fact my clients all find the whole process quite enjoyable, which is in stark contrast to any other weight loss approach they had typically tried to date.


The program is run over 4 weeks (one 60min session a week) and includes 2 support recordings for you to listen to in the comfort of your own home in between sessions.  This ensures that the positive therapeutic work done in each session is adequately supported and further re-enforced in between each appointment.


Your success in losing weight and achieving your goal is very important to me, therefore I offer no group session options for the program…this way I can tailor each one of your appointments specifically for your needs. 


Losing weight is more than just addressing the ratio of calories in / calories out…at times there can be deeper psychological elements at play, such as self-sabotaging patterns, emotional eating habits, past hurts or trauma that can all contribute to weight gain.  This is the benefit of one-to-one sessions, so, if need be, we can address these issues as well therefore increasing the overall effectiveness of your weight loss success.


The program is also available as an online option, so if for any reason you are unable to make it into the clinic, that is no problem we have the solution for you.  The online program is every bit as effective and successful as attending your appointments in person.


The Latin route of the word Diet translates to ‘a prescribed way of living’.  If we follow this translation, it becomes obvious to see that our lived lifestyle in essence creates our weight problem.  Therefore, at its core…my virtual gastric band hypnotherapy weight loss program will help you create a Diet, or ‘way of living’…a lifestyle if you will, that creates better health, more energy, you are looking how you want to look, wearing the clothes you want to wear and feeling so much better.


Ready to find out just how easily you can lose weight?


Call for a no obligation chat to find out more, or click the button below to get your program booked in.


Full program cost, including support recordings - $525.


Hi Craig,
Thank you so much for helping me with regards to my relationship with food,
not only am I now eating healthier, I am also eating smaller proportions.  and am amazed that something so easy, simple and painless has made such a change to me.
Thanks again Craig – you are AWESOME!!!
Karen - Bokarina



Good morning, Craig,


I am just letting you know where I am up to after my 4 visits to you which I thoroughly enjoyed.


I have completed 8 weeks of my weight loss goal and can report that I have lost 6kgs.

I am very happy with that and now my goal is to lose another 4 by Christmas. I have more energy and fitting much more comfortably into my clothes.


Thanks again.


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