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(*results may vary from person to person)

* Dear Craig, I’d like to express my gratitude for the difference that you have made in my life. I developed fear of flying more than five years ago but had always played it down.

The fear had gradually limited things that I could do. By the time I met Craig, less than three months ago, the fear had spread into other areas and I had developed other anxiety like taking elevators, going on Ferris wheels or crossing bridges.

The fear consumed my life and I spent so much time worrying about my next anxiety attack. I lived in Mosman and going to the city was extremely difficult and it created so much anxiety. I had missed out many opportunities in life, as I tried to plan my life around my fear. The fear also stopped me from flying home to visit my parents who lived overseas.


I came to Craig out of desperation as I realized the fear had grown out of hand and now crippled me. I was impressed with his dedication to assist me in overcoming the fear. He conducted the session very professionally and yet caring. He was very understanding and his determination and belief in me have given me the support I needed.


And the result was astounding. Less than two weeks after the two sessions with Craig, I flew all the way to Canada - WITHOUT ANY STRESS! Even when the plane experience turbulence, it did not worry me. My heart rate and breathing were normal. No anxiety, no fear, no panic. I was calm and relaxed the entire time and it was just effortless! I have taken several flights after that. Other fears also vanished. I no longer have anxiety crossing bridges or taking elevators.


It feels wonderful to be free. Not only did Craig get rid of the fear, he also helped me put my life back on track. His work opens up opportunities in my life and for that, I will be forever grateful. I urge everyone out there who lives with fear to at least give Craig a call. I thank myself everyday for making that phone call.

With my gratitude. Pia - Sydney, NSW


* Just want to say THANK YOU so much for all your help! I am still smoke-free.

Franzi - Sunshine Coast

* Thanks Craig, came to you to stop smoking. Been 2 1/2 weeks not even a problem, Thank you.

Paul - Sunshine Coast

* Hi Craig, I am well!

My self confidence has definitely lifted, since our last session.  My sales at worked has doubled and I have since been top salesman. I am more relaxed and confident.  Thank you.

JJ - Sunshine Coast

* Today has marked 3 months of being a non smoker for me after getting treated by Craig on the 21/01/2013. I feel totally confident that I will never smoke again, after my one and only treatment with Craig, I have felt that I have never been a smoker. I have recommended Craig to a few of my mates, one took the challenge and has gone about 7 weeks without smoking.

Karl - Sunshine Coast

* "Public speaking had always been an issue for me yet something that is required on a regular basis in my chosen career. At the age of 31 my excuses to avoid presentations and group interactions were running out and to be truthful even I didn’t believe them anymore either.

I had tried a number of therapies/services available over the years and medication for that matter to help deal with the irrational reactions; unfortunately nothing had connected with me to get this under control. Hypnotherapy was something I had wanted to explore for a while and my GP was encouraging about giving it a go.


I spoke briefly to Craig over the phone and immediately felt positive about the future. Can’t really explain why but the short conversation gave me hope, and the positivity Craig expelled, I knew this was something I wanted to do. I was a little concerned and maybe a little embarrassed to begin with, it’s not that easy to share your weaknesses with someone you have just met, but Craig certainly put me at ease in a calm, positive relaxed manner.


Letting go was probably key to the whole experience and this was something that came easily and naturally in this safe environment. Straight away I was being taught new techniques and new ways of thinking that really started putting things in place. Very quickly I was able to put these new strategies into practice in normal day-to-day life and started to relate how they could help me in scenarios I was uncomfortable with.

In just 3 sessions I came away with a full tool bag of new strategies that I knew I would practice and use in my new life ahead. Today changed my life forever, I did something I always knew I could I just didn't think I would. I was able to use the techniques I had been taught to control my anxiety, rather than it taking control of me… It felt awesome. I really do hope this testimonial gives people encouragement to change their course in life to their preferred direction and happiness. Craig - Thank you!"

Richard - Sydney, NSW

* "For many years I have suffered with an unreasonable fear of heights. By that I mean that not only would I become afraid when exposed to a situation in which I might be near the edge of a tall building or mountain; I would also suffer fear and anxiety simply thinking of myself being in that position.


My fear developed to such an extent that I would avoid, often to my embarrassment, placing myself in such a position, even though all logic told me that I was perfectly safe.


I sought a session with Craig, when a situation arose when avoidance would become impossible and I would have to confront my fear. I was immediately impressed by the way Craig could relax me whilst talking about this deep rooted and to me, real fear.


Craig’s calm, reasonable and practical approach, and his knack of putting things into perspective engendered in me a complete trust in him.


After the session we tested what I believed was the release Craig had given me from this fear. Lo and behold I can now walk near the edge of tall buildings and climb high ladders without any suggestion of my previously crippling fear.


I have absolutely no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Craig to any person suffering from a similar fear or phobia.

Terry - Gladesville, NSW

* I have been doing amazingly.

As soon as I left my last session with you I went to the plaza and shopped happily with no issues!

Since then I have had no anxiety attacks and have been out by myself a lot and try and do it as much as I can!

I can't thank you enough and will happily recommend your services on. Thank you Craig :) 

Sami Allen – Sunshine Coast

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