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Professional Hypnotherapy on the Sunshine Coast

I am extremely pleased with the results I have achieved since I did the sessions with Craig. I cannot praise him highly enough.

Helen Craft - Sunshine Coast

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hypnosis to lose weight on the sunshine coast
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What is Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is a proven way of using your powerful and creative subconscious mind to break through obstacles, blocks and overcome hurdles to your success. 

The approach is simple, direct and gets results: Analysis for the most part is unnecessary. Even when we do find the “Why” of a problem, the problem most often remains, we just have new ways of understanding and talking about it rather than being free of it: After all, if you have a splinter in your finger, you really don’t care how you got it, why you got it, how big it is, what colour it is or who gave it to you; you simply want to take tweezers and pull it out.

Hypnosis is being used to great effect as part of elite business, by professional sports teams, Olympic athletes tap into the power of their subconscious mind to create peak performance and now it's available for you to create the changes and have the life you want.

What you get from my

Hypnotherapy Programs.

My programs and approaches assist people to get back in control, happy, healthy, and back on track in minimum time frames. It’s certainly not a quick fix that we are talking about; in fact, you will most likely experience deeper insight into yourself and your true capabilities than you may have thought possible. I do not rehash the tired old approaches that most offer; my programs are unique, powerful, tailored specifically for you and offer the genuine opportunity for you to get the result you want.

Find out more. 

Call 0407 038 074 for a friendly no obligation chat...have all your questions answered, and determine for yourself if my approaches are the right fit for you…or contact me via email


Craig Jamison:

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Master NLP Practitioner

Life and Success Coach

Hypnotherapy Trainer

Diploma Modern Psychology

What other people say about seeing Craig for Hypnotherapy.

*Results may vary from person to person

* Hi Craig. 

It has been 3 years now since I saw you to stop smoking, and never once did I have the feeling that I needed to have another cigarette! 


You have done an amazing job :) Thanks so much!

Franzi - Sunshine Coast

* Craig is phenomenal. I saw him 3 yrs ago when I was too scared to drive a car again . One session and I gained the tools to conquer my fears .

Tonia Goulding - Sunshine Coast

* I have been doing amazingly. As soon as I left my last session with you I went to the plaza and shopped happily with no issues!

Since then I have had no anxiety attacks and have been out by myself a lot and try and do it as much as I can!


I can't thank you enough and will happily recommend your services on.


Thank you Craig :)

Sami - Kawana

* Today has marked 3 months of being a non smoker for me after getting treated by Craig.


I feel totally confident that I will never smoke again, after my one and only treatment with Craig, I have felt that I have never been a smoker.

I have recommended Craig to a few of my mates, one took the challenge and has also gone about 7 weeks without smoking.

Karl - Kuluin

*Hi Craig,
I wanted to touch base with you to thank you so much for helping me with regards to my relationship with food.   

Not only am I now eating healthier, I am also eating smaller proportions.  Food has not become the basis of my thoughts on a constant basis. 

Apart from feeling so much better and loosing weight, my shopping bill is less. 

I am so proud as to how well I have been going as well as being amazed that something so easy, simple and painless has made such a change to me.
Thanks again Craig – you are AWESOME!!!
Karen - Bokarina

* I am extremely pleased with the results I have achieved since I did the sessions with Craig. I cannot praise him highly enough.

Helen Craft - Sunshine Coast

* I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know since coming to see you in January I have NOT had one bit of chocolate.

I am amazed and proud at myself especially getting through Easter without eating any chocolate eggs.

My son still has his eggs sitting in the fridge and I don't even see them there most of the time.
I've cut down on all sugar and am pleased to say I have lost 10kg and well on my way to my goal.

Kathy - Maroochydore

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